Monday, May 16, 2011

RE: 2500 Fan Giveaway :)

I am so excited to be hosting this giveaway :o)  So many amazing vendors donating fabulous items to some amazing fans!

Basically the way it will work is this:

I will leave a post about the giveaway a few times a day with a link to my blog and there you will find the rules of how to enter.

You will enter like this:

Come to my blog (there will be a link on my fb page) where you will find a list of sponsors, their fb links, and the prize they are donating.  You will be asked to click on their link , head to their page, like them, and then come back to the blog to fill out a very simple quick google form.
It's as simple as that!!
It is pretty much the same thing as entering on facebook, only with this you will not have to publicly give your email address (as it will be on the form only, for my eyes only) and you will have to come here instead of my fb page :)  Make sense?  Any questions at all please ask away and I will answer it the best I know how... this is all new to me hehe.

I will have all sponsors listed one after another to try and make it as simple and easy as possible for everyone.  You are not required to like all pages, just the pages of the prizes you would like to win :) Only one entry per household please, to be fair to all participants ♥

Well I think that is it for tonight!

I am sure I may have forgotten something, so I will be back soon :o)

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