Monday, August 8, 2011

I MUST tell you about the giveaway going on at Bundles and Buzz!!!

Bundles and Buzz is giving away a Phil&Ted's Vibe2 Stroller when they reach 5000 fans!!  Isn't that amazing!  The stroller retails for $699.99!!

For your chance to win check out the rules at Bundles and Buzz's Blog!

Please let them know on their blog that Melissa Graham from LSPC sent you :o) Doing so gives me some extra entries to win this AMAZING prize!!

Thanks so much and good luck to everyone!


Monday, August 1, 2011

Referral contest winners!!!

First I would like to thank everyone for all of your help and support!!  I am so excited to have won and couldn't have done it without ALL of you!

Without further ado the winner of the $50.00 Gift certificate is referral # 87...

Nikki Franklin!!!! :)

Congratulations Nikki! You may claim your prize by emailing me at

Rules for claiming gift certificate :
Must be claimed and used within 60 days
May not be used towards the cost of shipping
Maybe not be combined with any other offer

Off to to pick a couple more winners :)

Winner of prize #2 - Headband of your choice is referral # 70

Neerje Harvey

Congratulations Neerje!!

Rules for claiming prize:
Must be claimed within 30 days
Winner pays shipping. 2.00 within Canada, 3.00 in the US

Winner of prize #3 - A set of hair clips of your choice is referral # 42

Candice Hoffman

Congratulations Candice!!

Rules for claiming prize:
Must be claimed  within 30 days
Winner pays shipping. 2.00 within Canada, 3.00 in the US

Winner of prize #4 - A 5.00 gift certificate is referral # 102

Melissa Taylor

Congratulations Melissa!!

Rules for claiming prize:
Must be claimed and used within 30 days
May not be used towards the cost of shipping
Cannot be combined with any other offer

Final Winner of prize #5 - A 5.00 gift certificate is referral # 108

Mona Marstafa

Congratulations Mona!!

Rules for claiming prize:
Must be claimed and used within 30 days
May not be used towards the cost of shipping
Cannot be combined with any other offer

THANK YOU so much once again!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Little Sweet Pea Creations 2500 Fan Celebration Winners!! :o)

First of all I would like to give a HUGE THANK YOU!!  To all of the sponsors!  You ladies are amazing, thank you so much for your time, and your wonderful donations :o)  A celebration like this could not be possible without you ♥  Some of you have sponsored a few times for me and I am so honoured to have such amazing businesses working side by side with me.  Some of you I have been blessed to become friends with :o) And some of you we have only met via facebook and email, but the one thing you all have in common is I am grateful for ALL of you!  So thanks again!

Now, the moment you have all been waiting for :o) The winners of the 2500 fan Celebration!! Congratulations to all of you, and to those that did not win this time, there are always more giveaways! and of course flash sales hehe... so do not dismay!
(*please note there were a few lucky people who won more than once!!)

❀ Little Bella Bows - Kendra Nelson!
❀Sassafras - Heather Stevens!
❀Cute As A Bug's Ear - Patty Asfour!
❀Little Sweet Pea Creations (prize #3) - Annie Bartlett!
❀Little Sweet Pea Creations (prize #2) - Becky Hensley!
❀Little Sweet Pea Creations (prize #1) - Teresa Forbes!
❀Winer Rose Summer Son - Thao Phan!
❀Ty's Bowtique (prize #3) - Beverly Hall!
❀Ty's Bowtique (prize #2) - Bonnie Rodriguez!
❀Ty's Bowtique (prize #1) - Leslie Saxton!
❀Tutu Cute - Tutus by Shannon - Ang Alford!
❀Pure Jewel Designs - Erin Neu!
❀Lora Messerschmidt - Peekaboo Beans Stylist - Shelly Polansky Nors!
❀Baby K (prize #1) - Melissa Childerhose-Erskine!
❀Baby K (prize #2) - Heather Smith!
❀Little Sparrow Logos - Emily Rodriguez!
❀Beyond Top - Hayley Atkinson!
❀Beyond Top - Elisa Johnson!
❀Eternally Hooked - Susan D'Alesandro Wilder!
❀Barrington & Company - Angie Francis!
❀Lil' Busy Bees - Ashley Bertrand!
❀Toque Cute! Hats and Caps! - Hayley Laker Maschek!
❀Nuevo Designs - Amanda Pfeifer!
❀Lil' Xpressions (prize #2) - Kristen Nicole Buell!
❀Lil' Xpressions (prize #1) - Susan D'Alesandro Wilder!
❀Lemonade Couture - RenĂ©e Duffield!
❀Wee Originals - Angel Ballard!
❀Spot On Photography Lloydminster - Katie Quimby!
❀Rocka Falla Bowtique - Melissa Childerhose-Erskine!
❀The Trendy Butterfly - Prairie Kidd!
❀Hep Kat Creations - Lisa Notte!
❀LuX bebe - Becky McCaslin!
❀Mustard Seed - Chantelle South!
❀Precious Princess Bowtique - Jennifer Badura!
❀My Little Angel Co. (prize #2) - Kendra Nelson!
❀My Little Angel Co. (prize #1) - Julie Boline Adams!
❀Tiny Tutus - April Novack!
❀4 Monkeys - Becky Santos!
❀Bubble Friends Forever - Jacinta Wells!
❀Binky Pink Bowtique - Sheila Larry!
❀Cute D Tails - Trisha Foerster!
❀Quinney's Bibs (prize #2) - Amanda Blake Griggs!
❀Quinney's Bibs (prize #1) - Crystal Street!
❀Babylicious - Sarah Gonser Waller!
❀J & K Inspired Designs - Brad n Sheri Mcwilliams!
❀Jess Fabulous Designs - Heather Dyer Cannady!
❀BBG Knits - Lisa Garner!
❀Baby Accessories For Less - Adrienne Rudolph!
❀Baby Nic Naks - Jeanine Schroeder!
❀Haizey's Bowdacious Boutique - Jennifer Smith Piercey!
❀Lindsey's Fluff and Stuff - Tiffanie Davenport!
❀Lavish by Tonya - Jodi M Stanton!
❀Kyleigh's - Amy Simpson!
❀Scentsy with Patty - Kasey Williams!
❀Mama Sass - Robyn Gagne!
❀Kirsty Arevalo, Independent Canadian Scentsy Consultant - Eg Kaufman!
❀Sonny Day Creations - Dawn Smisek!
❀Pretty Princess - Stacy Mcnabb Bailey!
❀Sweet Tutu 4 U! - Melissa Gruhlkey!
❀Little Bit Sassy - Sarah Merrick!
❀Oakville Moms - Chrystal Widsten!
❀Bowbiz Dogbows - Amy Simpson!
❀Betty & Petula Handmade Creations - Melanie A Johnson!
❀Kerris Craftyways - Veronica Arredonda-Carlos!
❀La Bella Vita - Ang Alford!
❀Mom! I'm Board - Christy Woldanski!
❀Tupperware with Lisa - April Novack!
❀Sugar Skullz Designs - Tyjanna Lehman!
❀Oh Sew Crafty - Beverly Hall!
❀Cali Bears Pageants - Julie Boline Adams!
❀Photography by: Lisa Marie - Olivia Lambert Lasting!

All winners have 24 hrs from now to contact the sponsor to claim their prize! New winners will be chosen for unclaimed prizes :o)

♥♥♥ Have a great night and thank you for all of you support! I have the BEST FANS EVER!! ♥♥♥


Monday, June 6, 2011

hello again!

Well I failed miserably at adding all vendors LOL... My numbers started to climb and well, I had to get busy making google forms and adding info to my fb page that my blog was neglected :(

When the giveaway celebration is over I will post all of my sponsors here as well as their prizes and the winners :)

Keep an eye on the celebration to make sure you know when it is closing to be sure you are around to respond to an email letting you know you won haha!!

Have a great week!


Saturday, May 28, 2011

More fantastic vendors!!!

Hello!  I have been super busy with orders and well unfortunately, sick kidlets :( so have not added my other list of vendors,  UNTIL now that is :o) Feel free to like their pages now and make sure to leave some Little Sweet Pea Creations Love!

betty and petula handmade creations
Baby Nic Naks
La Bella Vita Boutique
Sweet Tutu 4U
lil busy bees
sugar skullz designs
Pure Jewel Designs
Pretty Princess
Winter Rose Summer Son
Lavish by Tonya
Wee Originals
Beyond Top
My Little Angel Co
Spot On Photography Lloydminster

Still more sponsors to be listed!!  Isn't this amazing!?  I am super excited to get this party started!


Friday, May 20, 2011

The waiting game hehe :o)

We still have quite a ways to go to reach 2200 fans!  Slowly but surely we will get there! And I seriously cannot wait!  There are over 35 vendors now!!! Most are donating 1 item, but some up to 3!  The sponsors are so amazing and generous.  I am so grateful to each and every one of them!

Here is a list of some of the fabulous sponsors :)
"Mom! I'm Board!" Boutique Quality French Memo Boards
Quinney's Bibs
Lux Bebe
Little Sparrow Logo
Lora-Messerschmidt- peekaboo beans stylist
Ty's Bowtique
JK Inspired Designs
Sonny Day Creations
Eternally Hooked
Haizies Bowdacious Boutique
Photography by Lisa Marie
Baby Accessories For Less
Jess Fabulous Designs
Tiny Tutus
Little Bit Sassy

That is just a taste of what is coming your way! :) I will add another list tomorrow!
If you get a chance to check out any of these pages please let them know Little Sweet Pea Creations sent you <3

Well that's it for tonight, please feel free to leave a comment or ask a question :)

Thanks so much have a safe and wonderful long weekend!


Monday, May 16, 2011

RE: 2500 Fan Giveaway :)

I am so excited to be hosting this giveaway :o)  So many amazing vendors donating fabulous items to some amazing fans!

Basically the way it will work is this:

I will leave a post about the giveaway a few times a day with a link to my blog and there you will find the rules of how to enter.

You will enter like this:

Come to my blog (there will be a link on my fb page) where you will find a list of sponsors, their fb links, and the prize they are donating.  You will be asked to click on their link , head to their page, like them, and then come back to the blog to fill out a very simple quick google form.
It's as simple as that!!
It is pretty much the same thing as entering on facebook, only with this you will not have to publicly give your email address (as it will be on the form only, for my eyes only) and you will have to come here instead of my fb page :)  Make sense?  Any questions at all please ask away and I will answer it the best I know how... this is all new to me hehe.

I will have all sponsors listed one after another to try and make it as simple and easy as possible for everyone.  You are not required to like all pages, just the pages of the prizes you would like to win :) Only one entry per household please, to be fair to all participants ♥

Well I think that is it for tonight!

I am sure I may have forgotten something, so I will be back soon :o)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Welcome to Little Sweet Pea Creations Blog :o)


Well I have decided to start a blog so that I may continue to celebrate my awesome fans and be able to have giveaways for you all :)

I will have more posts soon!  Including information about my upcoming 2500 fan giveaway <3